Match Schedule

About 200 Players will compete for the title. In the stronger 1st division, 8 men’s and 8 women’s teams have registered. In the 2nd division, 12 men’s and 9 women’s teams have registered.

The teams come from 23 different countries. 

The best seeding within Europe is held by Mohamed ElShorbagy (WR 5, England), followed by Marwan ElShorbagy (WR 8, England), Joel Makin (WR 10, Wales) and Victor Cruin (WR 11, France). The Swiss men are stronger than ever before with Nicolas Müller (WR 20, Langnau), Dimitri Steinmann (WR 36, GC), Yannick Wilhelmi (WR 65, GC), Robin Gadola (WR 129), David Bernet (WR 147) and Louai Hafez (WR 266, GC).

The ladies’ best ranking is held by Nele Gillis (WR 4, Belgium), followed by Georgina Kennedy (WR 6, England), Tinne Gillis (WR 8, Belgium) and Tesni Evans (WR 21, Wales).  The Swiss ladies are Cindy Merlo (WR 60, GC), Nadia Pfister (WR 75, Fricktal), Ambre Allinckx (WR 120, Kriens) and Céline Walser (WR 149, Uster). The ladies are aspiring to a place in the best eight teams.